Marble Mouse Scroll Wheel

Marble Mouse Scroll Wheel 0.99

Emulates the functionality of a mouse wheel on the user's PC
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Use scroll wheel-specific commands on your computer, even you have a trackball or a mouse without a scroll wheel. Assign the wheel scrolling functionality to other buttons and configure various aspects such as accelerations, stepped scrolling, vertical over horizontal scrolling priority, etc.

Marble Mouse Scroll Wheel, or just Marble Scroll, is a small program designed to simulate a scroll wheel on any trackball or mouse without one. It was specifically designed for the Logitech Marble Mouse but can work with any standard mouse or trackball. It is designed for Windows 2000 and up.

Marble Scroll is a replacement for Logitech's Autoscroll and Universal Scroll functions; neither properly emulate a real scroll wheel and both have limitations and flaws.

Marble Scroll works with any mouse or trackball and does not require Logitech's SetPoint or MouseWare drivers to be installed.

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